DA Levels

DA Curious 
You have previous knowledge in Lindy Hop and you're used to listen to swing music and you feel the beat. You have some prior Solo Jazz knowledge. You know the Shim Sham and you can follow along basic Solo Jazz Moves in Warm Ups and Jam Circles. 

DA Grateful 
You love Solo DAncing and you know a lot of classic routines. You already spent some time and effort getting to know steps & techniques. You want to be challenged with new stuff but are also willing to work on basics and refining your rhythm. A faster teaching pace should be fine for you. You sign up for this level, if you want to work a bit harder and you appreciate and add to the energy the teacher and everybody in the room is contributing. 

DA Prices

Class Pass (all classes & tasters) - 130€

Solidarity Class Pass (+10% for those in need) - 145€

We will offer free passes to those, in need, but we will first have to make sure, that the basic costs are met. That's why we first will put you on the waiting list. We want to make sure the event can happen in the first place and then give out free passes. This means, you may have to wait until the break even point is met. Let us know if you need help and we will work it out.

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