Thanh Thanh Nguyen 


Stumbling upon Lindy Hop in 2016, Thanh Thanh has since embarked on an incredible journey brewing her passion for the dance into her life compass. Her love for body movements and funky grooves has grown and rooted deeper with the rich sound and stories of jazz shared in Saigon Swing Cats, her home scene in Vietnam.

Since relocating to Europe 2021, Thanh Thanh has continued to hone her dance craft and broadened her perspective on the dance contemporary culture. After a successful stint burning the floors in Lindylicious 2022, Jazz Roots 2022 and ILHC Europe 2022, Thanh Thanh is now happily based in Paris, ready to share her dance wherever the sound of hot rhythms takes her.

In her classes, she often encourages everyone to explore their own movements through self-awareness and improvisation while honoring the root of authentic African American Jazz dance.

Westafrican Dance & Talk

Jennifer Owusu (she/her)

... a super dedicated local dancer, teacher & choreographer will give a culture talk & dance taster about westafrican dance. She's doing an incredible job with this program which contains of one hour of dancing and one hour of talking about the background of the steps, the region it originates from and other interesting facts connected. I want to support her work, especially as she's coming from an Ghanaian household pouring a lot of energy into preserving and researching westafrican dance & culture. She's the co-founder of the Wa Aba Ensemble, Kalo Yelen e.V. and the local dance troupe Afrotude Dancer's and always on fire.

DA Evenings

DA Friday Party 

with "The Bassface Trio"
You might have heard them at the Deca DAnce Festival or other places known for good music. Don´t miss out to dance and listen to best quality music.
Friday DJs tba

DA Saturday Show Night 

Two amazing shows are waiting for you.
The Wa Aba Ensemble are going to take you on a journey through African traditions, rhythms, dances and songs that are sculpting everyday life in different african regions.

The "Into Jazz" Show from Paris is a new Show by the dancers and artists Thanh Thanh, Helianthe, Léna and Karl. Yes, they are our daytime teachers and they have such a passion for Jazz, that they created this show. 

Saturday DJs tba

You can book your party pass via the link below for 65€.


let´s eat together after classes 5-7 pm to let the weekend unwind.